Less of a fairy tale

My dear diary!

It is here that I keep my innermost thoughts and track record of my achievements, failures and targets.

Keeping a diary is a great way to organize your sport, discipline yourself and make your training more efficient. If you ask me of the best advice I have ever received – it is to keep a diary. Please feel free to keep your own online diary using your profile page.

I wish I could share a flawless and cheerful story of easy success with you, but… this is mostly a story of thousand goals and million mistakes… a story of joy, sweat and pain inspired with my passion for tennis, enthusiasm of my teachers and support of my family and friends. I am so much grateful to everyone who made my dream come true!! I would never make it without you!




Years practice
10U Red national ’21

My best achievement so far is the 1st place in 10U red level national ranking 2021.

In 2021 I started competing on 10U orange level, and as of 2022 I shall go for the green.

My main priority for 2022 is technical perfection and precision.

I’ll miss you!

21.11.2021|0 Comments

Today I am blue. I just won another 10U red level national competition, got "the best player on tournament", cute shiny medal and all, but... time has come for me to finish red level games.

Spin strings

27.10.2021|4 Comments

Did you try spin strings? I tried them for some time for better top-spin performance. Here is what an orange ball turns into after three-four hours with a hexagonal mono string 😶 Overall, I can't

Happy birthday!

21.08.2021|2 Comments

Yippee!!! I turned eight! My #1 wish is still to win Wimbledon 😍😍😍 Thanks a lot to my family for a wonderful birthday cake!!! Life is beautiful!!!

Motivating stickers

09.02.2020|13 Comments

This is my first diary page! First memory is a hard choice... but here is one of the most lovable. When I was in the very beginning of my tennis journey, our coach came up