Recipe of a powerful training potion

Here we are! At the very thick of the battle. Motivated and ready to give everything… but! Let’s cool down for a second and think.

Good training program always starts with the goal, which is then followed by several questions. Like “Why is this my goal?”, “Is this really what I want?”, “Does this technique suit my physiques?”, “What do I need to get there?” and so on. Misjudgement may cost a few lost years and a handful of broken dreams.

Now come the milestones – your goals for a week, a month, a year. Tracking them and your progress, knowing where you are on your way – is essential. Another great way to avoid going astray is keeping a diary.

Finally, our angels – coaches, mentors, sport parents and friends. Big-time sport is hardly reachable without them. Make sure you are always on the same page, so that they are aware of and follow your goals.

Thumbs up! 😀 Now let’s have some fun and action!


General physical training, athletics, endurance, diet, etc.

Common principles, grips, stances, techniques, practices, methods.

Movement on court, approaching a ball, recovering, footwork.

All concerning forehand: right side stroke for right-handed players, left – for lefties.

Backhand stroke, its technique, drills, etc. – everything regarding backhand: left side stroke for right-handed players, right – for lefties.

Overhead and underhand serve, ball tossing, technique, drills, advises, etc.

Other strokes (volley, slice, smash, etc.), technique, drills, etc.

Practical and tactical side, patterns and logic of the game.

Psychological aspects of training and competitions.