True stories about sport life

Telling a story is already a bit of wizardry. Why, you ask me?

Strong stories affect us, they trigger our emotions, desires and sometimes actions. Every single endeavor and victory has started with a story – heard or seen.

Besides, telling a story is useful for a teller :) This is how we perceive our experience, not just leaving it behind.

Enjoy reading or share your own story!

Halloween secret

28.10.2021|0 Comments

An old legend holds that once upon a time on a dark night of All Hallows' Eve a little girl went to an abandoned tennis court and... hit thirteen serves in a row right in

Ah, that hair!

08.09.2021|0 Comments

Oh my! What can help or hinder your tennis performance more than your long hair? I tie mine in a ponytail, but it still slip out, get into the eyes hanging over the remains of