Oh my! What can help or hinder your tennis performance more than your long hair?
I tie mine in a ponytail, but it still slip out, get into the eyes hanging over the remains of concentration :) I tried pinning it with hairpins, but this takes a lot of time and does not hold well either. Hairbands? Tight ones pinch your head to a headache, while loose bands are of even lesser use.
Once I took a crochet hook, yarn and made myself a nice hairband… exactly the size I need! Exactly the color I like! :) Now I feel absolutely comfortable when training, enjoy my hair and stay focused. Dad says that I just have a do-it-yourself passion… maybe he is right :)
And do you have a long-hair-problem???

Story send to Unicorn Tennis by Natalie Buche, 9 years old

By Unicorn team

8 September 2021, 12:48

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