Why do we need a split step? Here are several good reasons.
First, it is an awareness check. When you split step a fraction of second before your opponent’s racket touches the ball, this means that you are timely reacting and can prepare your shot properly.
Second, split step stabilizes and balances your body, preparing you for running to the ball.
Third, it helps unloading your feet making it easier to sprint.

Why do younger players forget or avoid doing split step? Why is it more of an obligation for them? Probably for two reasons: it has not become a habit and (which is more important) simply distracts or does not help.

So how can we convert our split step from an annoying duty to something beneficial?
Understanding its purpose is a good start. Then, learn to split step in a correct way that helps movement, not visa versa. Finally, a fair trial: compare your footwork in several drills with and without split step to see what is more efficient.

See other posts to know more about split step technique and drills for improving it.

By Unicorn team

17 November 2021, 14:35

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