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I’ll miss you!

By |21.11.2021|Categories: Diary|Tags: , , |

Today I am blue. I just won another 10U red level national competition, got “the best player on tournament”, cute shiny medal and all, but… time has come for me to finish red level games. The reason is, I have almost reached the age limit, besides for several last months

Tennis statistics datasheet

By |11.11.2021|Categories: Library|Tags: , , |

Attached is a tennis statistics MS Excel datasheet, that allows you to register training and competition stats in real time.
You need MS Excel on your tablet (allow scripts support) and a friend/parent/coach who can track your stats while you play. See manual inside the file controls page.
Feel free to change

Halloween secret

By |28.10.2021|Categories: Stories|Tags: |

An old legend holds that once upon a time on a dark night of All Hallows’ Eve a little girl went to an abandoned tennis court and… hit thirteen serves in a row right in the corner of a service box.
Ever since a soul of a great tennis players guided

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