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Initial level of skills, generally corresponding to 10U red level.

I’ll miss you!

By |21.11.2021|Categories: Diary|Tags: , , |

Today I am blue. I just won another 10U red level national competition, got “the best player on tournament”, cute shiny medal and all, but… time has come for me to finish red level games. The reason is, I have almost reached the age limit, besides for several last months

Why to split step?

By |17.11.2021|Categories: Training|Tags: , , , |

Why do we need a split step? Here are several good reasons.
First, it is an awareness check. When you split step a fraction of second before your opponent’s racket touches the ball, this means that you are timely reacting and can prepare your shot properly.
Second, split step stabilizes and balances

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